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Dear gods

Okay, so tonight...tonight I have essentially nothing to do here at work. I have a single job, which I physically cannot finish because we don't have enough of the required paper. I can run part of this job (print out 800 double-sided copies and cut them down to 8x10 for some really odd reason), but just printing will take hours and there's little else to do in the meantime.

So! In that spirit, comment fest! Here, now! No planning, no nothing. Just comment about whatever, show off your icons, request icons (from me or whomever), just help me keep busy and awake for the night.

This post is public, so bring your friends or whomever.
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When I was woken by a persistant and painful thumping on my head, I think I knew I was in for a bad day. Of course, it would have been nice to sit up and see what the hell was going on, but being tied into bed kind of makes that difficult. Not the fun kind of tied down either, I'm afraid. I worked my eyes to adjust to the light (or lack thereof) and tried to look around, but everything was blurry without my glasses. I hate that my vision is just getting worse and worse. Naturally since it was raining here today, it was dark and I couldn't see shit. But then again I didn't exactly need to a moment or so later as I was rapped hard in the head again, then I heard someone/something talking to me from on top of my head.

I was told that I'd become lax about giving what was due, and that starting immediately I was to put out offerings each night of milk, honey, and bread. Or pizza. But only pizza if it was ham and pinapple, because they'd got a taste for that over the years. Though there was a voice of protest from something different down around my feet at this, saying that they wouldn't mind a nice pepperoni pizza either, from time to time. Then yet another voice from under my comforter spoke up. Sort of, as it was rather muffled. I'm pretty sure it said something about only wanting veggie stuff. Then there was an arguement. I think there were only the three...people? things? involved, but as one of them was on top of my head, it was kind of difficult to tell because of the noise.

After a few minutes of debate over hte propper way to top a pizza, things settled down. I was told that in lieu of milk, honey, and bread, I was permitted to get pizza, which would be half ham and pinapple, and half veggie, but I had to get a small pepperoni too on every other occasion. And maybe soda, but no pepsi products. Utterly bewildered, still groggy, and now with a headache, I said okay, and the ropes were gone. But now I feel like I'm being watched all the time. I turned around and found a post-it on my monitor which said "I don't see you picking up the phone to order". It's kinda creepy actually, especially when I was taking a shower. I wonder if I could get some cold iron in without them noticing.
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I have just removed several of you from my friends list. Some of you haven't updated in a long time, some of you haven't shown any interest in either my LJ or me as a person. If you still want to read my LJ, contact me via IM, email, or comment here and we'll talk about it. More people in coming weeks will be dropped. There's no use in having such a large friends list if most of the people on it aren't wanting to make an effort to actually be friends or at least get to know each other better.

Edit (08/17/04): The cutting has been finished. If you've been cut and wish to be readded, please contact me as I mentioned above or comment here. I can say that in most cases it's nothing personal, so I'm willing to talk about it.
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Public post.

I was thinking tonight and wanted to ask something. One question that I would prefer you answer, but another question that you can answer if you don't want to answer the first one. I've enabled anon-posting for this and I've turned off IP logging so if you chose, you can answer without me knowing who you are. In 8 days, I will return my settings to how they were. So anyway, onward and forward.

What do you think about me that is unique?

or if you would not like to answer that,

Why do you read my LiveJournal?
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Hear ye, hear ye.

This LiveJournal is now friends-only. If you want to get added to the list just message me on ICQ or AIM, reply here, or add me to your own friends list. I'm not ~that~ discriminating, just cautious. Not hard, huh?

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Mac Hall banner courtesy of catz_eye
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And I think I should mention that my LJ is going to be mostly friends-only from here on out. Not every entry will be like that, but most will. I'll still update every day or two (or more often, whatever works). So if you see me going longer than that, you can probably assume that you just can't read them. No offense is intended, please don't misunderstand, but that's just the way it's going to be.

Edit: This is going to include most of my older entries as well, which will slowly be converted to friends-only as I get around to them.
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