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WolfSamurai's Den

Darkness there, and nothing more.

7 January 1979
Long long ago, this bio used to be long and filled with a great many facts about me and my activities here on LJ. There were lists of communities, meme bios, html widgets, and links. But these things were not me.

I am a 29 year old male student in New Mexico. I have been diagnosed with clinical depression or dysthemia, depending on who you ask. I also have been diagnosed with social anxiety disorder and general anxiety disorder. These disorders do not define my life, but they do help shape it. I have messed up a great many times in my life and it's not always been easy to pick myself up to keep moving. Because of these things, my journal is often used to help me vent or get things off my chest and what I write should not be taken personally.

Besides these things, I write about many of my other interests, which include movies, computers, music, television, anime, manga, comics, video games, roleplaying games, and cooking. I also speak about my school life and home life.

My LJ is friends only except a small number of public entries. My MacHall mood theme was made by the lovely and talented felyn with some input from myself. My writing LJ is over at ookaminotsuki though it is not often updated of late.

I am the mod, co-mod, or maintainer at a large number of LJ communities, although most of them are slow, if not outright dead. If you are here from one of those communities and need to contact me, you may email me at wolfsamurai {at} gmail

If all this sounds interesting to you or at the very least hasn't scared you off, please feel free to friend me if you'd like. If you're on my friends list, feel free to drop me a line on any IM program I have listed.

alton brown, anime, army of darkness, azumanga daioh, babylon 5, batman, being nocturnal, berserk, big eyes small mouth, bleach, bubblegum crisis, buffy the vampire slayer, cake is a lie, call of cthulhu, calvin and hobbes, cello, celtic music, classical music, cleavage, computers, cornish pasty, corsets, cowboy bebop, cyberpunk, d&d, dark heresy, david weber, depression, discworld, dogma, dot hack, dr mcninja, dragon quest, dragonforce, dvds, eddie izzard, evil dead, exalted, excel saga, fantasy, farscape, fear factory, final fantasy, flogging molly, football, full metal alchemist, geeky things, ghost in the shell, girls with glasses, good eats, gothic music, green tea, gundam, h.p. lovecraft, heavy metal, hellboy, hockey, house of leaves, in nomine, indiana jones, industrial, iron chef, japanese, japanese culture, japanese history, jeff dunham, jim butcher, john ringo, karaoke, leather, legend of zelda, looking for group, lord of the rings, macross, mamoru nagano, manga, mass effect, mecha, megadeth, metal gear, metallica, metroid, michael moorcock, military history, monty python, mp3s, music, mythbusters, naruto, neal stephenson, neil gaiman, nightwish, nobuhiro watsuki, nobuo uematsu, paul kidd, penny arcade, pirates of the caribbean, portal, rave master, reading, real life, resident evil, role playing, rpgs, rurouni kenshin, sam & max, samurai, science fiction, screwattack.com, shadowrun, shawn of the dead, sifl & olly, silent hill, simon green, simpsons, sinfest, six-string samurai, slayers, sluggy freelance, soccer, social anxiety, squaresoft, star ocean, star trek, star wars, star wars saga edition, survival horror, sushi, swords, terry pratchett, the tick, trigun, unknown armies, vandread, video games, warcraft, warren ellis, webcomics, weird al yankovic, william gibson, william king, wing commander, wolves, women, world cup, world war ii, writing, yasunori mitsuda, yoshitaka amano, yoshiyuki tomino